EU Friendly Checkout Button for any website

Add international payments to your website.

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The right VAT, GST, and US/CA sales tax is automatically added to orders based on your customer's location.

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☝️Try PayButton with these test cards! ☝️

Type Card number
VISA 4242424242424242
3D Secure 4000000000003220

Use any CVC, zip, and future expiration date.

Works on all websites

PayButton will work on any website. If you can copy and paste HTML into your web site—you can use it. That includes Wordpress, Webflow, static websites, etc.

Keeps payments safe

All payments go through your chosen payment provider*. PayButton doesn't ever touch your money.

*Currently supported: Stripe.

Automatically collects the right taxes

PayButton automatically calculates taxes for each sale and includes the tax amount in the total. This includes Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

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